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The Whitman County Jail is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call the jail you a Corrections Officer will answer the phone not a voicemail tree.


The main pageof this website has a section where current news and information is shared. This information may include short term changes in operations, system outages, etc. Please ensure you check the main page to see if there are any news bulletins that are pertinent to your needs.


Visiting is offered three days a week. Due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to limit the hours or cancel visiting with little or no notice.

Visiting is held weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Visiting starts at 13:30 hours and ends at 16:30. We do not accept any new visitors after 16:00. More information about visiting may be found on our visiting webpage.


When someone is booked into jail a money account is set up. This account may be referred to as a trust fund account, “books”, or commissary account. It is like a bank account that securely holds an inmate’s money while he is in jail. The inmate may choose how to spend the money. Because the money in the account belong to the inmate he may spend it how he wishes.

There are multiple ways to give money to an inmate at the jail. The old methods still work. You may send a money order (no personal checks) via the mail. The money will be placed on the inmate’s account. You may come to the jail with cash and place it on the inmate’s account via a kiosk in the lobby.

The newest method is by using a credit card. Our commissary vendor, Turnkey Corrections, has provided two ways to fund the account. One way is to use the kiosk in the lobby of the jail. The second way is to use the website https://team3.inmatecanteen.com/.


Commissary is a way for inmates to purchase items they would like to have. The jail provides basic hygiene items to all inmates regardless their ability to pay. Additional hygiene items as well as food, candy, chips, pop, certain clothing items, and stationary may be purchased via commissary. The commissary provider for the Whitman County Jail is Turnkey Corrections. Commissary orders are delivered to the jail twice per week. In order to purchase commissary items an inmate must have money on his account. See “Fund an Inmate’s Account” to place money on the books of an inmate.


Inmates are given an opportunity to place a call at the end of the booking process. This call is at no cost to the inmate. Once the inmate is housed a telephone is available from approximately 0600 to 2200 each day. The inmate may place collect phone calls from the telephone. To get around placing collect phone calls the inmate can fund a calling card or his loved one can fund a calling account.

A calling card is funded by the inmate from his account. The inmate may add as much money to his phone card as he would like. By placing money on the inmate’s account you can enable him to purchase phone time.

With a calling account you are in charge of funding it. Calling accounts are set up via the http://www.ctel.us website.

The two big differences between the calling card and calling account: Calling Card: Uses inmate funds. Inmate may call any phone number.
Calling Account: Uses your funds. Inmate may only call you.


The inmate handbook or inmate manual is a collection of information to assist inmates in understanding the rules of the facility, their rights, their responsibilities, and general information about day-to-day routine at the jail.

Coming to jail soon and want to be prepared or are you just curious? Download a copy of the inmate manual.


Work release, school release, and community service programs are offered at the Whitman County Jail. To participate the inmate must have good behavior, be drug free, and submit a work release application packet.

The packet is lengthy but reasonable. The information is meant to help make sure the inmate will be a good fit for the program. Unfortunately, many inmates slow their entry into the program by turning in incomplete applications. Please spend time when completing the application. It is necessary to completely and accurately fill out the application.

If you know you are coming to jail and want to get a jump on completing the work release application packet you can download it from the website and turn it in to the jail in advance of your commitment into jail.

Download the Work Release Application Packet. If you have a paying job then you must include the Employment Supplement. If you will be driving or getting a ride to a paying job then you must complete the Transportation Supplement.


Wondering what items you may bring to an inmate in the jail? Here is a list:
  • Three pair of plain white briefs-style underwear and plain white tee-shirts, women may have three white bras (without underwire).
  • Three pair of white socks.
  • One set of white long johns (thermal underwear).
  • Clothing items must not have zippers, buttons, nor strings.
  • Certain hygiene articles given at booking or purchased through commissary.
  • Feminine hygiene articles are available in their unit.
  • A total of three reading items (books, magazines). Legal books and school books, with Officer approval, are extra.
  • Up to four pencils and one set of colored pencils (24 or less). Marking pens, ink pens, mechanical pencil, extra pencils, and extra colored pencils are contraband.
  • A reasonable amount of stationary, envelopes, and stamps.
  • Art paper in limited quantities.
  • A notebook without a metal binder.